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Last update: 01/01/2018

Kenji "Aikido"
Meaning aikido:
  Kenji "Ai" to join together - harmony
Kenji "Ki"Ki energy - vital breath
Kenji "Do"Do sees - research - chivalrous search
It is the union and the communion of the Spirit in the Way.
Created by UESHIBA Morihei (14/12/1883 - 26/04/1969), the purpose of Aikido is to develop the harmony between partners, and by extension with the Universe. Long after years of studies of various martial arts, the meeting with the Reverend DEGUSHI Onisaburo directed Master UESHIBA's research towards a more esoteric way which ended in the creation Aikido.
“Aikido is composed of techniques which express the nature of the universe through the human body.
In the same way that the universe varies in spring, in summer, with the autumn and in winter, certain techniques in aikido have the softness of the breezes of spring, others the rigour of frozen of autumn.”
TOHEI Koishi
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