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Last update: 01/01/2018
Kenji "Iaido"

The long history of Japan contains a great number of disturbed periods and bloody conflicts. This long warlike tradition was the source of all the Martial arts. Insulated geographically and politically, medieval Japan developed arts of the war which are clean for him. With or without weapon -and in the term arms it is necessary to understand all the objects likely to be used in a combat - the technicals aimed killing or at least at putting out of combat an adversary. Taught inside the clans and some monasteries, they were to remain secret in order to ensure supremacy of it.

With “Pax Togukawa” the combatants did not have battle fields any more to test their techniques. In contact with the various religious currents, warlike their technical became martial. The samurai incorporated in their practice a more significant share of philosophy and esotericism. Of Jitsu, they became Do. The technical is not any more one end to survive on a battle field; it is the vector which must make it possible to the sincere and persevering practitioner to be achieved.

That they borrow the sabre (iaido) the arc (kyudo), with hands naked (karatedo), the way of the suppleness (judo) or the energies (aikido) or other ways still, all these martial arts are also arts of living because they propose with all those which practise them of going further on the paths of the perfection and a universal humanism

The teachers of the ARZ - Academy of Ritsu Zen propose to practise and make discover part of the knowledge of Budo and more precisely of the Aikido, Iaïdo and Ken Jitsu in the respect of the tradition and the philosophy of the Masters founders.

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