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Last update: 27/11/2019
The teachers of the ARZ do not have, in any manner the claim, to hold the “truth”, but they try to offer to the knowledge of their pupils, the philosophical and traditional message of the budo of the Masters founders.
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Founded in spring 1973 in Montreuil-sous-Bois in Paris area, the purpose of association AMT (Traditional Martial Arts) was to promote by its teaching part of knowledge of the budo and more precisely the AIKIDO, the KARATEDO, KEN JITSU, the KOBUDO and the IAIDO.

Installed with the “Chalet ALFA” in the city of the Bel-Air located in the hight-Montreuil, Claude SCHRAYER (Black belt n° 569 of the CCN - Collège des Ceintures Noires / College of the Black Belts - in 1966), Philippe FLORENTIAU and Pierre PORTOCARRERO, sought to transmit, in margin federations and conflicts of interests which animate(d) them, teaching received their Masters: Jean BIANCHERI, Guy LORENZI, Andre NOCQUET, NAKAZONO Mutsuro, NORO Misamachi, EJESHI Tokujiro, YOSHIMURA Kenji, TSUDA Itsuo,…

Join by Georges CHARLES, they found in October 1976 the FFRZ (French Federation of Ritsu Zen) of which one of the objectives is the multi-field study of Japanese and Chinese martial arts. The FFRZ organizes several training courses until beginning of the year 80.

Following the programmed destruction of the dojo of the “Chalet ALFA” in June 1987, and thanks to the mediation of the Service of the Sports of the town of Montreuil-sous-Bois, the courses were transferred, as from September 1987, in the Salle Bleue of the Bel-Air, room of user-friendliness of the district. These new buildings not making it possible to take again the totality of the disciplines applied to the AMT, only the courses of aikido, ken jitsu and iaido continued to be exempted.

Association AMT is then dissolved and a new association is created in July 1987 under the name of ARZ (Academy of Ritsu Zen). The ritsu Zen - active Zen upright/- is the study of Zen in the movement, in the action. It is during za Zen - sitted/motionless Zen - which is a personal research through the meditation.

Since 1973, several pupils passed to them kirigami and some became teachers. They installed their dojo in France and Spain: Montreuil-sous-Bois (F-93), Lamotte-Beuvron (F-41/since1989), Provenchères-sur-Fave (F-88/since 1990), Girona (Esp./since 1989), Alméria (Sp./from 1995 till 2004), Olot (Sp./since 2012) and Quimbaya (Col./since 2013).

On the initiative of Philippe FLORENTIAU, the ARZ ensures since October 1978, of the courses of aikido at the Maison Populaire of Montreuil-sous-Bois. The courses are ensured there since October 1994 per Louis PICOCHE and since October 2012 per Martine PICOCHE.

The courses of aikido in the Salle Bleue of the Bel-Air of Montreuil-sous-Bois were directed successively by:

- Claude SCHRAYER from October 1987 to October 1988
- Philippe FLORENTIAU from November 1988 to June 1990
- Christian AGOSTINI from October 1990 to June 1994
- Renaud SACREZ from October 1994 to June 1999
- Louis PICOCHE since October 1999
In 1989, Henri MIRO-PADOVANI opened his dojo and founded the CRPO - Research Center on the Oriental Philosophies - in Lamotte-Beuvron in Loiret (F-41).
In 1990, Philippe FLORENTIAU moved in the Vosges, on the border with Alsace, and opened a dojo from September 1991 to June 2005 at the MJC of Provenchères-sur-Fave (F-88) and from September 2007 to June 2009 to Villé (F-67). He organizes since 1993 the training course of Pentecost of ARZ and since 2010 internships invitation.
The ARZ of Montreuil is affiliated to the FFAB - Fédération Française d'Aïkido et de Budo - group GHAAN - Groupe Historique Aïkido André-NOCQUET since January 14, 1991.
On March 7th, 2009, after important renovation works, the Salle Bleue of the Bel-Air receives officially the name of “Dojo Didier-LEFEVRE” of the name of old teaching AMT, technical adviser of karatedo of the FFRZ, deceased in 2007.
In June, 2009, before his departure in Colombia, Claude SCHRAYER named Carles VALLDEPERAS-ROCA responsible for the teaching of aikido in the dojo of Girona (Catalonia / Spain) and responsible Alex PERACAULA I TARRÉS for the ken jitsu and the iaido.
In March, 2010, Claude SCHRAYER opens its dojo Tenshi” to Quimbaya in Colombia.
Since September 2010, Louis PICOCHE is taking the courses of Pascal HEYDACKER, former Uke of Master André-NOCQUET and currently 6th dan, National Technical Manager at GHAAN.
In October, 2012, Alex PERACAULA I TARRÉS opens a dojo of aikido, Ken Jitsu and Iaido to Olot (Catalonia / Spain).
In November, 2013, the AMT / ARZ of Montreuil celebrates its 40 years and organizes a public demonstration. The professors of the ARZ as well as former of the AMT (Pierre PORTOCARRERO, Gérard LADOUCETTE) make demonstrations of the practised disciplines. An exhibition “AMT / ARZ - on 1973 / 2013 - 40 years of dojo in Montreuil” offer to the visitors of ( re ) discover an adventure always in movement.
In August, 2015, the ARZ found itself in the Domain of Lembrun (F-47) for their 40th summer training course.
In September, 2016, continuation from Carlès VALLDEPERES-ROCA, the courses in the dojo of Girona are resumed by sempaï: Florencio DE LA TORRE YUEGEROS, Joan Albert XARGAY ESPARRAGUERA and Emilio Los HUERTOS.
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